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We enter the house. It’s empty. The owner has just left, or hasn’t moved in yet. No bed, no furniture, no books. There are a few objects, three lamps, some decorations, a small card table, and a number of strange scribbles on the walls. To live is to leave traces,” says Walter Benjamin when discussing […]

Footnote 14: angel of history

Aura Rosenberg Chantal Benjamin Lais Benjamin Campos Marcelo de Souza Campos Granja Patrizia Bach Arno Gisinger Frances Scholz R.H. Quaytman Joanna Zielińska Jean-Luc Moulène Jean-Michel Alberola André Cepeda Paulo Nozolino João Barrento Sismógrafo Footnote 14: Angel of History is an extensive group exhibition and research project accompanied by the conference and publication. It is also the […]

Jean-Luc Moulène Técnico Libertário

The technician works in an empirical way. They have a direct approach to things and materials. They know the secrets of matter, the evidence. It turns out their tools and skills can expand techniques of cognition. The technician can alternate between processes of production, and influence the constantly changing techniques of the observer. For Jean-Luc […]

Warhol, People and Things

Warhol, People and Things Warhol, People and Things is an extensive exhibition focusing on Andy Warhol and his influence across several generations of photographers, filmmakers, musicians and multi-media artists. Including works by Warhol, contributions by his close friends, and commissions and interventions by contemporary artists from New York, Porto, and Lisbon, this project resulted from collaboration […]

Emily Wardill – Hourless and at large

Emily Wardill Hourless and at large Opening: February 18, 2023 6 – 9:30 pm Casa São Roque – Centro de Arte Rua São Roque da Lameira 2092, Porto For her solo show Hourless and at large, Emily Wardill presents works from fourteen years ago to the present day – reflecting on connections and dissonances within them […]

Peter Meeker Collection: Works from 1982 – 2019

Peter Meeker Collection: Works from 1982 – 2019 is an extensive exhibition on the occasion of the 4th anniversary of Casa São Roque – Centro de Arte in Porto, Campanhã. It presents selection from Peter Meeker’s (Pedro Álvares Ribeiro’s) international art collection, which started in the 1980s in Porto, includes 40 artists and over 600 artworks. Based on the long term friendships and dedication to the collected artists, in many cases it attained extensive representations of their oeuvres and artistic series, which nowadays have become canonical.